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Why Getting Knocked Out In Life Increases Your Chances of Success

This is a guest post by by M.Farouk Radwan of 2 Know Myself -The ultimate source for self-understanding

Is There One Solution to All Life Problems?

We all fall and get knocked out throughout our lives. Sometimes the hit we take leaves us down for days or even weeks. Under the effect of the powerful knockout, some people never manage to get up again.

Life is not simple, and change is the only constant, so each and every one of us must be equipped with a tool that can help us solve problems and get over hard times.

What follows are real-life examples of people who were severely knocked out and faced major problems, yet each one of the people shared something important – the real solution to all problems.

People Who Were Knocked Out

Bill Gates: When Bill Gates first presented the idea of a computer with a mouse to Apple, they made fun of him. Some stories say that the project papers were thrown in his face. While I am not sure if that’s true, it’s clear that the man was knocked out hard long ago.

Donald Trump: I was reading a book about the famous billionaire Donald Trump, and he told an interesting story. At one of the hardest times in his life, he was burdened with 900 million dollars in debt. As he was walking along the street he met a poor beggar, and in that moment Trump told himself “If that man had nothing then he is richer than me by 900 million, because at least he had no debt.” Trump was knocked out.

Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln, one of the most famous Presidents of the United States had been repeatedly defeated elections that he ran in. In fact, he didn’t win any elections, lost his money, had a nervous breakdown, and lost his wife. He was totally knocked out. But he became one of the greatest US presidents.

Henry Ford: Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was mocked for his ideas. He lost his money six times trying to develop Ford. Ford was knocked out, but he started all over from the beginning each time he went bankrupt. Today his name is synonymous with financial success and great American business.

The Real Solution to All Problems

Did you notice the one thing each of these people had in common? When they got knocked out, they always got up right back up. Had any of them given up we wouldn’t have heard of them and they would have become another forgotten name.

The same goes for you and me. Right now you might be feeling bad, or experiencing defeat, but the key pushing past what is facing you now is the will to rise again. If you are going to succeed in life you much push past defeat with persistence.

It may seem easier to say than to do, but the solution to all life problems is to persist. Rise, and rise again, until you reach what you want.

Do you think persistence always wins? When do you think giving up is a good idea? Where are you willing to persist in your life? Let’s hear it below.

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